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I am in love with the smell of this mask!! after using this product for one month now my hair is noticeably healthier i'm so happy

absolutely hooked onto this mask!!! up to my second tub now and can't wait to buy more

absolutely incredible!!! my hair has never felt better


My hair always feels amazing with this product and my hairdresser even questioned why my hair felt so healthy when it was so dead before hand!

In LOVE with this mask!

Holy Melon!

This hair treatment has made my hair so soft and nourished and smelling delicious. I slept with it in overnight in a hair wrap and the watermelon smell on my pillow is dreamy. Love this mask!

Hair pruducts

I am in love with this as it’s made my hair feel so smooth an keeps the frizz at bay an easy to leave my hair down an not be a big frizz ball

Best my hair has ever been

I’ve been bleaching my hair for a year now and have never been able to keep it soft and shine until this hair mask! So worth it


I love this hair mask from the smell to the texture to how it makes my hair feel afterwards , I absolutely love this hair product I have seen amazing results in just over a week using this product

Incredible Results

I had results after just one wash, it is an amazing treatment and i have gotten my friends hooked onto it too..

Really love this mask! Thank you guys its making my hair feel absolutely amazing!!

Hi! i just wanted to say that i didn't really think this mask would be as good as others have told me but WOW.. it really is insane my hair has never felt better.

My hair is feeling soft, silky, and smells like watermelons!!


This mask is amazing, thank you to Skye for recommending it i am in love my hair feels absolutely amazing!!

yes it is amazing i only use it once a week but it leaves my hair feeling sooo soft and nourished i love it!

amazing product!

This product is the real deal!!! highly highly recommend if you are in need of a hydration boost!

In love with this mask at the moment, my hair has never been so hydrated and nourished ever! :)

Its amazing, highly highly recommend!!


Amazing just amazing no other words

I love the feeling after i use this mask, my hair is soooo soft and shiny :D

Amazing mask

I have been using this mask for around 6 months now and my hair is sooo healthy. I haven't needed to trim my hair at all because my hair is so full of moisture, has close to none split ends and it has even grown at least an inch!!! I love this hair mask!

First impressions were wow this smells amazing, i let everyone in my family smell the mask and they all love the smell. I used it for the first time this morning and left the product in for 1 hour then rinsed it out and I could literally comb my hair without one knot!! This mask makes me excited to shower :)


This mask is literally hair goals!!!

Happy results

Used it for the first time and hair was silky and soft! Very glad with results after only using once so far.