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Life saver!

This mask saved my dry damaged and also bleached hair, i no longer need to go for regular trims as this product keeps the ends of my hair so healthy!

i really love it, this is a must have before a night out, it makes your hair super smooth and shiny with no frizz and no knots all night long!

Smells amazing!

Smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and healthy.

This hair mask is nourishing and saw an improvement in my hair shine and texture after the first few uses. The ends of my hair are looking much healthier too!

Love this mask

I loved this hair mask it smells so good and makes my hair feel so soft and nourished. I have thin hair and this giant tub lasted me forever because of how little I needed to use.

Am very impressed with this product! I left it in overnight and washed my hair the next day and it does not compare to any other mask I've tried, my hair is shiny and so smooth! A little goes a long way and I will be repurchasing!

This smells so good and works so well! I always have the smoothest, softest hair afterwards!

Such a lovely smoothing masque!! the smell is soooo divine and makes your hair smell incredible even after it washes out. I keep it in overnight because the moisture penetrates even deeper that way.

I've used this hair mask for months now and love it so much! It makes my hair feel really smooth and look amazing and shiny. I bleach my hair quite a bit, but feel that using this mask as a conditioner helps keep my hair healthy and hydrated.

A really nourishing hair mask. Smells divine and didn’t leave my (coloured, long, dehydrated, wavy) hair feeling weighed down. I’m a repeat purchaser.

Great Mask

this is a fantastic mask, a nice watermelon smell that lasts for ages and helps hydrate my ends

This mask is extremely hydrating and leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and manageable. The product has a great scent, is not too heavy and does not leave any residue build up. A little product goes a long way, definitely value for money.

So Nice!

Really great product that leaves my hair really soft and healthy. Love the scent and the packaging is really cute!


This product REALLY WORKS! 10/10 :)

One week on from having my hair bleached. It’s amazingly soft and strong!

My hair has never felt better since using my Malia mask, its so much more hydrated and nourished and have seen amazing improvements in the overall thickness and split ends of my hair!

I am in love with the smell of this mask!! after using this product for one month now my hair is noticeably healthier i'm so happy

absolutely hooked onto this mask!!! up to my second tub now and can't wait to buy more

absolutely incredible!!! my hair has never felt better


My hair always feels amazing with this product and my hairdresser even questioned why my hair felt so healthy when it was so dead before hand!

In LOVE with this mask!

Holy Melon!

This hair treatment has made my hair so soft and nourished and smelling delicious. I slept with it in overnight in a hair wrap and the watermelon smell on my pillow is dreamy. Love this mask!

Hair pruducts

I am in love with this as it’s made my hair feel so smooth an keeps the frizz at bay an easy to leave my hair down an not be a big frizz ball

Best my hair has ever been

I’ve been bleaching my hair for a year now and have never been able to keep it soft and shine until this hair mask! So worth it