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This mask is literally hair goals!!!

Happy results

Used it for the first time and hair was silky and soft! Very glad with results after only using once so far.

Miracle product!

Really in love with my mask!! The smell is also incredible!

beautiful treatment, has really helped with my breakage and split ends.

I use this product 3 times a week and have been loving it! definitely a bathroom fav at the moment!!


This is a great treatment, i have gotten a few of my girlfriends onto this also and we are all obsessed!

Smells incredible

This mask smells sooo good, I am in love!!!

amazing product

It works wonders! i have gotten my friends onto it and i will definitely be buying more! We are all in LOVE with the watermelon scent!!

It has definitely tamed the mane, great mask!

I used to suffer from really knotty hair that's usually wild and frizzy... ever since using the Malia hair mask, my hair is so manageable. Enjoying this a lot.. you guys need to try!


Love this mask, it works wonders for my hair and the watermelon smell is incredible. 5/5

amazing product!

such a beautiful treatment and the smell is amazing.

This Mask makes my hair feel super hydrated and healthy after i use it!!

amazing results

This mask is the best! do highly recommend

Moisture & Repair Watermelon Hair Mask

Brilliant product

I have very dry curly bleached hair and this is one of the few products on the market that actually works and makes a noticeable difference to the condition of my hair. I love it!

The smell is amazing

So far so good. Love the texture, smell and how my hair feels

I’ve only used it twice, and can already feel the difference...
Really happy customer

Best hair mask

Absolutely love this hair mask. It makes my hair soft and adds moisture!
Smells absolutely delicious.. I have definitely noticed a huge difference after using it for 2 weeks!!

So lovely!

This hair mask is the best I've ever used. It left my hair feeling so deeply hydrated and nourished and kept it feeling fresh for an entire week without washing. I have quite thick and long hair and I used very little of it to completely cover my hair. I would definitely recommend this product.

Best hair mask ever

I’ve been using this hair mask for a few months now and my curls are so soft and bouncy. It smells and feels amazing. I’ve bought more for gifts over the Xmas period.


been using it for just over a week and already it makes my hair feel so silky soft after every use. not to mention, it smells amazing.


Absolutely love my Hair mask! After seeing Skye use it i wanted to try it out and i have no regrets!! Its absolutely amazing and i have gotten all my friends onto it too now!! xx