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After only one use my hair feels incredible, my hair is the softest it's ever been, Ill never go back to regular products!

amazing product

It's so soft my hands literally glide straight through my hair after rinsing out

My hair is shiny, smells like sweet watermelons and is so silky soft!

Since using the hair mask my hair has become much softer and it looks great

Love this product so much literally will buy it for the rest of my life!!

Love these products 😍

I'm so in love with your hair mask!! Highly recommend Malia Hair. Thank you!

Cant believe how good it is!! Leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft

I have been using this mask for one month now and my hair is so much more thicker and fuller 😍

10 out 10

Just opened my fourth bottle! I absolutely love this product and how it makes my hair look and feel!

This stuff is amazing

This stuff is amazing! My fine hair is glossy and growing!

Amazing!! Would recommend

This hair mask is amazing, and has never felt better. It leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and smelling like great like watermelons. definitely will be using this product again. Would recommend.

Hair has never felt better, thank you to Skye for recommending this product i really love it

Makes my hair feel so soft and smooth and the smell is actually incredible

Cured all my split ends

I have always had to get regular trims because i get the worst split ends, and somehow after using the Malia hair mask for 3 months, i now no longer need to cut my hair anymore as all my split ends are gone, and my hair is growing faster than ever!!


IN LOVE!!! this is my go to hair product, i use it 3 times a week and i absolutely love it

Amazing product

I love it so much, my hair has become soo long and healthy after using it consistently for weeks! Not to mention how amazing the smell is!!

This detangled my knots tamed my frizz and made my hair feel amazingly lush all in one

Love this so much up to my fourth tub!!!


Love the smell (this is the best part), the consistency and the way it leaves my hair feeling! I have veryyyy long and thick hair so the amount of product supplied in the tubs is good, it should last me a while :)

I use this every Sunday night without fail and my hair feels amazing for the week ahead. Can't recommend this enough!

Yes like love adore, the best

Hair felt amazing highly recommend


AMAZING!!! highly recommend, really love hair smooth & shiny this makes my hair feel!

In love with this product, makes my hair feel so soft and silky smooth and the smell is amazing!