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Absolutely love

I have noticed an improvement in my hair, it’s gotten thicker and it’s grown a lot as well. My hair is much healthier

The best hair product!!

Being an ex hairdresser I have tried everything on the market. I have dry curly hair. Normally I can get one day of straight hair after a blow wave. I’ve been using Marlia hair for about a month and can now get 3 days from a blow wave already brought another lot for when I run out. Best hair product on the market!!

Amazing product

Brought product for my partner, she reports it makes her hair so soft and silky

Fe we la nice , hope will make the work

Skye packs of 3

So far I have bought two of these packs for myself my daughter is on her third lot and my other daughter on her first Skye pack of 3 So that’s six boxes of 3 packs of Skye products. That in itself says enough. I have been ordering in both my email accounts accidentally but in my name But you can see we love your products to keep using them. Our hair is better for it. Softer and more manageable and the smell is divine. Keep up the great work Malia

Incredible shampoo and conditioner- the ingredients alone are elite !!! Thankyou!!!! Xx

The Whole Package

Absolutely love all of the products. My hair feels full, clean and smells absolutely incredible

Lives up to the hype!

You know it’s good if your husband notices your hair is “fluffier, less flat.” Didn’t even tell him I changed shampoos. Highly recommend. Only suggestion would be for a plant-blended scent as an alternative. Watermelon is nice, it just reminds me of kid shampoos. Adore the peppermint treatments. Keep up the great work!

My hair is thriving!

I recently purchased the Skye Wheatley bundle and oh my goodness.. what a difference it’s made to my hair. I was struggling with post partum hair loss, my hair was brittle and thinning out. I tried every high end hair product and all left my hair feeling heavy and no better than when I started.
I’ve been using Malia for the last month and my hair has rejuvenated! It’s so incredibly soft after every wash, not once has it felt heavy and oily even after using the hair oil. I’m soo happy I tried it.
My hair feels thicker and has life back to it. And I’m seeing new baby hairs growing where I had post partum hair loss. 100% my new hair care range. Good job guys!! Love your work!

Hair Review

Absolutely LOVEEEE Malia Hair! I get excited for wash day so I can start with an oil treatment and I love how it makes my hair feel. I’ll definitely continue to use it 😍 the only negative thing I have to say is the oil dropper fell apart and doesn’t stay in the hole of the dropper so I’m not sure if that’s a fault or that’s how it’s meant to be.

Hair oil

Amazing a little thick but skye told me to put it in hot water to make it runny it has helps with softness and length

Hydrate & Repair Bundle
Amber Wilkinson
Love love love

Obsessed with Malia hair!
Makes my hair feel super soft and thick!!


I absolutely love these products. I’m a hairdresser and also have hair extensions. Every product is so nice to use I absolutely love them. I’m hoping my hair will actually start to grow so I don’t need hair extensions. Also pregnant and I know these are completely safe for baby and me.

The best my hair has ever been!

Thank you so much Malia for these amazing products. They leave my hair feeling soft, smooth and smelling beautifully. I have curly hair that is regularly straightened and I have seen a change in my hair. It’s started getting thicker and longer and the health of my hair is noticeable. I have also battled with psoriasis and this has not caused any flare ups!!

Fantastic! Absolutely would recommend. My hair was still lovely and soft 6 days after the first wash with Malia Hair, normally after that long I'd be an oily mess. Thanks Malia Hair for a wonderful product. I'll be purchasing again 100%

Silky Smooth Hair

I’ve only been using bedhead on my hair for the last couple of years, but figured after seeing all the hype and reviews of the Malia hair products I thought I’d give it a shot. Especially needing help with the postnatal hair loss and growth. Unfortunately, I never got to use the hair growth oil more than once - as my toddler got into the draw and dropped it onto the tiles … at 38 weeks pregnant and not one to spend much on myself I could have cried haha! But, rating the other products like the treatment, scrub, shampoo and conditioner - I literally can’t stop touching my hair now haha. I’ve already gone on to tell my family whom have also purchased for themselves! Only thing I would suggest is maybe having echo friendly plastic bottles for the growth serum instead of the glass bottle, would save some heartbreaks! THANK-YOU!

Ultimate Skye Wheatley Bundle
Alexis and Stephanie Andrew

Very luxurious product. Really surprised me how soft it made my hair.

My hair does not feel silky smooth at all…instead it feels dryer than it did before! I do not recommend this product at all!!!!

It made my hair feel really dry and horrible. I tried it a few times but my hair didn’t like it.

I’m obbbbbbsessed! Smells 10/10, makes your hair feel so bloody nice!! I’ve taken before pics of my hair so we will check back in a few months for the growwwwth

I love this hair care! Been patiently waiting for the restock.
My hair is so healthy and the growth since using it is incredible 

Honestly not a bad word to say about these products